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All meetings are on Zoom. Contact for meeting link.

Transgender and Nonbinary Inclusivity Training

[NEW DATE] Wed Sept 23; 10-11:30am (90 min)
Presenter: Sable Schulz, Director of Transgender Services, The Center on Colfax

Join us for a training on best practices for being trans inclusive and supportive. Presentation will cover common sexual orientation terms, commonly used terms used by transgender people to talk about their experiences and identities, and some common challenges faced by trans and gender diverse communities.

Disability Awareness and Etiquette

Wed Oct 13; 10-11:00 am (60 min)
Presenter: Emily Shuman, Director of Rocky Mountain ADA
In this course, participants will learn the prevalence of disability and why access matters. We’ll discuss etiquette fundamentals such as proper language when addressing people with disabilities and interaction tips. For example, is it okay to say “see you later,” to a blind person? How to I engage with someone who has a service dog? All those questions and more will be answered in this training. 

Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Inclusion and Diversity Training

Wed Nov 3; 10-11:15 am (75 min)
Presenters: Board Members, Asian Chamber of Commerce

The Asian diaspora in Colorado is rich and varied throughout the state’s history. From Chinese immigrants and railroad worker in the 1800’s to recent Hmong and Nepalese immigrants, Asian immigrants and Next-Gen communities have helped build our metro community and interwoven their culture and values.
Did you know Asian immigrants and Next-Gen communities comprise one of the fastest growing demographics in the metro region and United States? Did you know the first Asian race riot took place in Denver? Do you know why Gov. Ralph Carr sacrificed his political career for Japanese Americans? The AAPI Inclusion and Identity in Denver ™ presentation presents a wealth of information about the history of Asians in Colorado and some of their experiences. Additionally, we share cultural and identity topics of being Asian – ideal for your workers/employees who work with the Asian community – so they gain a cultural perspective and may relate better to your patrons.

Inclusive Education and Interpretation: Anti-Oppression and Inclusive Program Design

Tues Nov 9; 3-4:30 pm (90 min)
Presenter: Parker McMullen Bushman, Director, Ecoinclusive

Education has both the opportunity and a responsibility to be more inclusive of all communities and to question dominant and privileged cultural perspectives. During the workshop, attendees will be introduced to the concept of unconscious bias, including in the development of interpretive programs. Through a series of conversations, participants will examine bias as it pertains to interpretive planning and educational programming. Participants will reflect on individual and organizational practices and develop strategies for creating engaging and meaningful programming for diverse audiences.

Accessible Social Media

Thur Nov 11; 2-3 pm (60 min)
Presenter: Emily Shuman, Director, Rocky Mountain ADA

Social media is now the number one way people connect with each other and an estimated 20% of the population has a disability. If your social media content is not accessible, you’re significantly limiting your reach and effectiveness on these platforms and making it harder for people with disabilities to connect with you. This course will cover how to make social media content more accessible to everyone and why it’s worth doing.

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