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2021 - 2022

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New Employee Orientation: SCFD and the Collaborative

All meetings are on Zoom. Contact for meeting link.

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Access Upstander Intervention

Thur Jan 13, 2022; 3-4pm (60 min)
Presenter: Johnny Humphrey, Director of Inclusivity Services, The Center on Colfax
Often times we observe conflicts and situations but don’t know how to intervene safely and effectively. Historically, anti-harassment courses have taught what not to do, but generally exclude techniques for what to do. This course provides effective strategies for identifying when a conflict is occurring and ways to safely intervene. We will discuss a variety of intervention strategies and apply them to different scenarios. Note: This training is appropriate for most audiences new to LGBTQ+ awareness.

Strategies for Attracting, Retaining and Engaging Employees in 2022

Fri Jan 14, 2022; 3-4pm (60 min)
Presenter: Nicole McGuire, Principal Consultant, Cura HR
The pandemic has presented hiring challenges including attracting employees for entry level positions at minimum wage. Join us for an informal discussion about what organizations are doing to set themselves apart and get creative with how to attract, retain and engage employees. For the first half of the meeting, Nicole will share current trends for total rewards (pay, benefits and incentives), and ideas for keeping the employees you have and how to increase their engagement. For the second half of the meeting, we’ll be asking organizations to share their strategies, successes, and challenges.

Education Roundtable

Thur Jan 20, 2022; 3-4pm (60 min)
Another pandemic semester behind us with a spring semester ahead! What’s new? What’s changing? How are you adapting programs with ongoing pandemic needs?
Come share your insights and experiences from working with schools this fall.

Volunteer Coordinators Roundtable: Volunteer Programs in Recovery

Thur Feb 3, 2022; 2-3:30pm (90 min)
Please join us for a DOVIA Idea exchange to discuss Volunteer Programs in recovery and hear new ways volunteer professionas are adapting to change. Through dealing with the pandemic affecting volunteer needs and capacity, we are faced with questions about what a ‘return to normal’ means for volunteer programs. Share your planning tasks for the new year and discuss with peers what has changed and been re-imagined to build their own volunteer programs back up successfully.

New Employee Orientation: SCFD and The Collaborative of the SCFD

Thur Feb 17, 2022; 10-11 am (60 min)
Presenter: Kendal Zimmermann and Tim Murphy, Program Officers, SCFD
Jannett Matusiak, Director, The Collaborative of the SCFD

For new employees or for those needing a refresher. What is the SCFD and how does it relate to my organization? What is the Collaborative and how can I participate? Learn how you can be professionally connected to our amazing art, culture and science community in the Denver-Metro area. This will be a general overview about the two organizations and how they are interrelated. All tiers welcome to attend.

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Access Creating Accessible Digital Documents

Tue Feb 22; 3-4pm (60 min)
Presenter: Emily Shuman, Director, Rocky Mountain ADA

Digital documents can often create barriers for people with disabilities. Many of these barriers are easy to remove with training around how people with disabilities use technology. In this course, participants will learn how people with disabilities use technology to access documents, characteristics of accessible documents, and practical tips for ensuring accessibility.
Length: 60 Minutes

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