The Collaborative SCFD Grant

The Collaborative SCFD Grant (formerly known as the Alliance Grant) was created for a strong and engaged team of interdisciplinary teachers who are excited to connect cultural organizations to their classroom.

Our Full Member Level organizations invest a portion of their yearly SCFD award (a sales and use tax) to provide curriculum-based arts, cultural, and scientific programs to K-12 public and charter schools within the 7- SCFD counties.

SCFD Seven Counties Map Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder, Broomfield, Denver, Douglas and Jefferson Counties


K-12 Public and Charter Schools

Located In:

Adams, Arapahoe, Broomfield, Boulder, Denver, Douglas* and Jefferson Counties. 


February 24, 2022


Wed April 20, 2022


May 9-13, 2022


May 16-20, 2022


One Year:
Sept 2022-May 2023


Awards for programs vary between $3,000-$10,000 per year. This is not a cash grant. The Director of the Collaborative will be responsible for all budgeting and directly makes payments to eligible organizations. Amount and eligible organizations are subject to final Board approval in September of each year. 


This grant is designed to serve a cohort of up to a maximum of 180 students chosen from one or two grade levels. If your school is large, select one grade level. If your school is small or mid-size, you can include other grade levels as long as the cohort of students does not exceed 180 students. While the grant will focus on this cohort, there may be opportunities for other grade levels to participate in select programs as well.

  • Team must be comprised of 3-5 teachers with a combination of disciplines representing: Science, Social Science, Language Arts, Visual Arts, Theatre, Dance and/or another subject area.
  • Identify a Lead Teacher who will be the liaison between the team and The Collaborative Director. This position will receive a small stipend to coordinate meetings and assist with general communications. The Lead Teacher is not responsible for booking all programs.
  • Teachers on the team must attend four, 1-hour meetings through the year with a Kick-Off Orientation Meeting in July/August. 
  • Director will inform team of program possibilities and make introductions to organizations. Each teacher will follow through on finalizing program bookings of their choosing from the list of eligible organizations.

How Many Programs Can We Expect?

Depending on program choices and school size, a team can expect to receive about 12-20+ programs in the school year.  It can be a combination of workshops, assemblies, performances, in-school exhibits, virtual learning, field trips or teacher professional development from a variety of eligible organizations.

Does The Grant Help Fund Buses or Substitute Teachers?

Yes! A portion of the grant award can be used toward reimbursing the school for up to $250 per bus, for up to three buses for a field trip to an eligible organization. In addition, for those on the team up to $150 can be reimbursed for a substitute teacher. The school would be responsible for any minor overages.


The grant gave our students the opportunity to experience arts and cultural programs that couldn’t have been accessed in our typical curriculum. Through field trips, guest speaker assemblies, plays and concerts the grant has made a lasting impact on our students.

Our participation in the grant program has been essential in keeping our students connected to Arts, Culture and Science in the most trying of times.

The grant gave my teaching a new sense of energy and excitement -a chance to work collaboratively with my peers in authentic experiences for our kiddos.


Teachers can select programming from the eligible organizations listed below. Organizations subject to change.

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